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Anthony James Cuticchia Jr.

Anthony Cuticchia’s reviews

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  • Excellent Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wiley

    Mr. Cuticchia knew his stuff and did an excellent job of representing me against a huge corporation. He accurately predicted their legal maneuvers; his advice on when to push and when to settle was right on target. I am pleased with both his representation and my final settlement.

  • "Constructive dismissal" Employment Termination

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employment client

    Mr. Cuticchia is exceptional for an attorney. Professional, dedicated and intelligent, very calm with situations. I didn't know how to handle the way that this termination was treated, when I spoke with Mr. Cuticchia and gave him all my information he thought it through and planned a strategy for me to follow. He is always able to be reached to discuss matters with. Very informative on the law and how to proceed and explains it where it can be understood, doesn't speak above you. Made me feel comfortable and at ease when I would get upset.
    Helped me win my ESC hearing with ease and I look forward to having him go forward with the rest of the upcoming case. Would recommend him highly....

  • Best damn lawyer I've ever had!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Keith

    In January 2011 I was arrested for an act of civil disobedience, with the goal of spending MLK day in jail and writing a book about the experience. Yet one of the best outcomes of this experience was unplanned, which was when at the arraignment, Magistrate Knox appointed Mr. Anthony James Cuticchia to represent me on a pro bono basis.
    Mr. Cuticchia came to visit me the very next day, and over the course of my 37 days in Wake County Jail, he visited no less than 8-10 times, coming to see me every 3 to 4 days.
    This was of insurmountable importance, because without Mr. Cuticchia to act as my lifeline and sole contact with the outside world, when I emerged from jail on Feb 15, I would have lost everything I owned -- my cat Cuddles, my motorcycle, and all of my earthly possessions at the apartment from which I was being evicted during my jail stay.
    Mr. Cuticchia not only handled the legal matters with aplomb, but in fact:
    -- he fed my cat, took him to a temporary shelter;
    -- he arranged for my motorcycle to be stored instead of towed;
    -- he fought my eviction, making sure I was able to retrieve my belongings upon my release from jail;
    -- and crucially, he waited hours for me to be processed out and released after my court date, so he could deliver my cell phone to me, without which phone and contact #s contained therein, again, I would have been completely helpless on my return to the outside world.
    I can honestly say that not only did my experience with Mr. Cuticchia prevent my life from skidding off the rails into unmitigable disaster--but in fact, the experience helped restore my faith in the integrity, honesty, and basic human kindness that could be found in a world I once considered gone so wrong that I had chosen to go to jail rather than continue living amidst the insanity and inhumanity that seemed so unavoidably abundant to me following the much touted triumph of one particularly peculiar political faction in the 2010 elections...
    So because my arrest was one of an act of political protest, it was extremely important that Mr. Cuticchia listened very receptively and sympathetically to my highly charged political views during his many visits during my extended vacation at Wake County Jails.
    But in spite of this, when it came time for my court date, Mr. Cuticchia gave both written and verbal instructions expressly informing me that when I appeared before the judge, I was NOT to voice my political views, mention my book, or any similar foolishness which had gotten me into so much hot water already.
    In short (umm, it's way too late for that already), the services provided by AJC Legal Services was vastly better than any previous legal representation I had ever experienced with some 8 to 10 lawyers over 10 years of various appearances in divorce, civil, and criminal court, and that is probably why this effusive review has become so extensive, because I feel I could not fully do justice to Mr. Cuticchia's fine work otherwise.
    And finally, I've stayed in contact with Mr. Cuticchia since then, and he has continued to provide much needed, well informed legal advice on several matters since that time, for which I am also extremely grateful.
    In closing, I cannot recommend highly enough the services of Mr. Cuticchia, the best damn lawyer I've ever had.
    Keith E.

  • Biotech Patent Preparation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Patent Application client

    Dr. Cuticchia worked with our technical people to prepare and submit our company's first patent application. Anthony has 20+ years of scientific experience, and he is also a veteran of several biotech startups, so he understood the technical content and our organizational issues. He knew what information to include and what to leave out of our application to strengthen our overall IP strategy. He prepared and submitted out patent application on schedule.

  • Represented me and WON against "industry giant" !!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Sexual Harassment client

    Mr. Cuticchia represented me and won my case against a former employer. I had lost all faith after this "giant" seemed to get past all federal and state regulations and thought to myself, this isn't right. Mr. Cuticchia agreed, took my case, and within 4 months, it was all over..,and I WON! His efficiency and dedication brought this case to a closing with a speed I had not expected. He is very intelligent and breathes the law, when everyone else was too scared to take my case...he did. Forever grateful!!

  • Satisfacation with services

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennie

    Mr. Cuticchia is an exemplary attorney. He is knowledgable and vey caring to his client's individual needs. He most certainly is one of a very few attorneys that I have dealt with that is sincere,empathetic and very dedicated to providing outstanding client services. His comforting personality is an attribute that assists clients through even the most difficult situatioins. Mr.Cuticchia assisted me with an employment/labor issue that was very painful for me,he assisted me through the process with ease. I would highly recommend him without reservation.

  • Experienced and Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Drew

    Jamie brings a wealth of experience and a breadth of knowledge to our company in many areas of law. He is very responsive to our requests. His writing skills combined with his experience make him a valuable asset to our team.