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Christopher T. Anderson

About Christopher Anderson

About me

I help the owners of small businesses make better decisions about their enterprises.  I understand that almost nobody comes to a lawyer with a "legal probem."  I help my clients because they have a problem that impacts their business, or them personally.   A legal situation in which they may find themselves may very well impact the personal/business problem, but we quickly find out that if it didn't impact their Money, their Time, or their Reputation ... it wouldn't really matter. 

I help business owners get from where they are ... to where they want to be.  By working with my clients to understand their entire situation, we are often able to work together to find real solutions to the problem(s), AND to prevent them from recurring.  We often  find ways to improve their business overall.

I also work with my clients to help them grow a business that works for them (and not the other way around.)  I have found that many small business owners have not created a business plan that states, in writing, how the business is supposed to make money for its stakeholders. (The owner(s), other shareholders/investors, or those that have a claim on their time and attention.) 

While most people would refuse to invest in another business without understanding how they would get their investment (and a reasonable return) back, they don't have the same assurances about their own business.  When "times get tough," the solution is often to work harder, work longer, and perhaps, start to cut corners.  The Owner starts working for the business.

I am an entrepreneur.  I am an experienced attorney.  I am counsel and advisor to many small businesses, owners and employees.

Most lawyers put their credentials at the beginning.  I am proud of mine, but wanted you to understand what it is I do for my clients first.  But, since no Bio would be complete without the particulars: 

I am a graduate of Cornell University, and the University of Georgia School of Law. I am admitted to practice before all trial and appellate courts in the states of Georgia and New York as well as the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit and the United States District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and the Northern and Middle Districts of Georgia.

I am also a pilot, and enjoy flying to meet with some of my clients.


And most of all, I am a Dad.  Because none of this is worth it unless we focus on why we do it in the first place.  Right?

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