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Russell vs. Absolute Collection Service, Inc.

Case Conclusion Date: 04.11.2011

Practice Area: Lawsuits and disputes

Outcome: Verdict for the Plaintiff. The jury awarded the Plaintiff $30,501 in actual damages and $7,000 in statutory damages. The court awarded Plaintiff $70,069.50 in attorneys’ fees and $5,736.67 in costs

Description: The Plaintiff alleged that the Defendant, a medical debt collection agency, violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and North Carolina law when it attempted to collect from her a bill that she had already paid in full and when it threatened to report the bill as past due to the credit bureaus. The Plaintiff was represented by Martin Attorney at Law, PLLC and the Law Office of Suzanne Begnoche. The Defendant, which was represented by several attorneys, denied that its actions violated any laws. DISCLAIMER: The attorney does not make any guarantees of results or outcomes in any particular case. Each case is different and requires investigation and analysis by an experienced legal professional. Past results do not guarantee future success.

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