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Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC vs. T.T.

Case Conclusion Date: 04.29.2010

Practice Area: Bankruptcy and debt

Outcome: Settlement after litigation

Description: CASE SUMMARY: The defendant consumer was sued by a debt buyer, which claimed to own an old cell phone account of defendant's. However, the Law Office of Suzanne Begnoche could find no proof that the company from which the debt buyer claimed to have purchased the account had ever actually existed. In addition, the lawsuit's effective date was past the statute of limitations for collection on such a contract. The Law Office of Suzanne Begnoche filed an answer to the lawsuit on behalf of the consumer, denying the debt buyer's claims and asking the court for a declaratory judgment regarding the existence of the alleged account, the debt buyer's ownership of it, and the consumer's liability on it. The consumer also asked the court to find that the debt buyer had filed a non-justiciable complaint and to order the debt buyer to pay the consumer's attorney's fees. The debt buyer, which was represented by an attorney, subsequently settled out of court. DISCLAIMER: The attorney does not make any guarantees of results or outcomes in any particular case. Each case is different and requires investigation and analysis by an experienced legal professional. Past results do not guarantee future success.

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