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George Wilmarth Nickel III

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Defense Attorney – Wiley Nickel

When your future and reputation are at stake, an experienced criminal defense attorney makes your rights a priority.

As a former Deputy District Attorney Wiley Nickel has the experience that matters most. With a practice based on trust, respect, discretion and professionalism, Wiley helps his clients avoid the dire consequences of criminal charges.

As a criminal defense lawyer, Wiley specializes as a drunk driving attorney and traffic ticket attorney. DWI charges can have a profound effect on your life and financial situation, and the right DWI attorney makes all the difference. Fighting traffic tickets, which may negatively impact your record and lead to huge increases for your car insurance, is another way Wiley defends every aspect of your rights.

Wiley focuses on family law, criminal law, juvenile law and traffic tickets from his office in Cary, North Carolina. Contact Wiley Nickel when you need an experienced defense attorney, DWI lawyer or drunk driving lawyer in Wake County. Defending your rights is his priority.

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