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James M. Roane III

James Roane’s Legal Guides

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  • What to expect in civil trial

    Very brief summary of what to expect in civil court in North Carolina on a personal injury claim.

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  • Property damage claims in car wrecks

    Brief explanation on how to handle property damage claims and the way to calculate such damages.

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  • Damages in injury cases

    Very general summary of the typical types of damages recoverable in personal injury cases.

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  • Detecting Nursing Home Abuse

    Nursing home abuse afflicts nursing homes across the nation, including the nicest of nursing homes. If your loved one is in a nursing home, you need to watch for any signs of abuse or neglect. Nearly everybody reaches the age where they will need extra help with their everyday li...

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  • Car Accident Property Damage Claims in North Carolina

    In North Carolina, if you are in a car wreck that is caused by a negligent driver, that driver is responsible for your vehicle repairs. This video describes some of the issues involved in property damage claims.

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  • Personal injury damages

    In North Carolina, injured persons can recover personal injury damages. This video describes some of these damages.

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  • What to Do if You Are in a Car Wreck

    Right after the wreck First of all, don't make any statements to the negligent driver's insurance company. Sometimes, they will call and try and fool you with loaded questions and exclude your claim

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  • Nursing Home Litigation Basics

    Avoid arbitration Plaintiff’s counsel will need to file an Objection to Arbitration with the court. If the plaintiff does not oppose the motion, any objections are waived. McNeil v. Black, 61 N.C. A

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