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Daniel L. Deuterman

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  • Federal Workers Comp

    I am federal law enforcment worker who was injured 10 years ago during a training exercise (workers comp covered) I am having problems now (much worse than before) due to degenerative disc and possibley the initial injury....I have been "dealing" ...

    Daniel’s Answer

    I would recommend you speak to an attorney, but finding one that handles Federal WC claims is much harder than NC State claims. Fed WC work under different laws and you are dealing with the government. I believe your best bet is to look for one in the Raleigh, NC area.

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  • What Do I do when a workers comp. claim is being disputed?

    I am a 19 year old Male I got injured at work on Oct. 27th 2008 I reported the accident to my supervisor and they sent me to some one that wrapped my wrist. I was placed on lite duty for 2 days I was hurting and went to see a urgent care on Wednes...

    Daniel’s Answer

    It is illegal for your employer to terminate you because of a job injury. However, that has not stopped many employers from doing so... If your doctor is suggesting that you speak to an attorney, it's usually good grounds to do so. First of all, if the injury was an accident on the job, it complies under the NC WC law as a compensable injury and should be an accepted claim. By the way, most claims are denied by the insurance company. If you have doctor support regarding your WC claim, the insurance company should accept your claim, which means they have to pay your medical bills. You can also be reimbursed for the mileage (traveling to and from the doctor's office), and after 7 days of being out of work, you should be receiving temporary disabilty checks from the WC insurance company.

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  • Workers comp, Where do I go from here, We are talking about the rest of my life, you know.

    Hello all, I'm am looking for detailed information about workers comp. I was loading steel beams from a pallet onto a fork lift. noone was around to see what happened. for some reason unknown one of the beams fell on me. when it did i caught it a...

    Daniel’s Answer

    This scenario is incredibly familiar for many of my clients here in NC. At this point, I recommend an attorney (a good advocate) to help you navigate through WC law in Georgia.

    In NC WC law, you are entitled to a second opinion on your disability. Please ask an attorney to help you with this.

    Here are some tips to find a good WC attorney in Georgia - visit - look for AV or BV rated attorneys. Check out this WC Blog in Georgia - great information. I'm sure you can contact her directly.

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  • Workers Compensation

    I would like know if I can re-open or start a new case. Attorney disappears - can not reach him. Need help on appeals for Long Term Disability and Social Security Disability immediately; I have to submit papers. Please help! Debbie Flin...

    Daniel’s Answer

    Have you applied for SSD yet? If not, you don't need an attorney to apply. If you are declined for SSD, then you should contact an attorney to help you file for Reconsideration (Appeal). The "re-open a new case", is that a WC case or SSD case or LTD Case? Those are three separate cases.

    Give us a call at 1-800-373-1130 and ask for Joslyn. We can't help you on WC because that's a state issue, but we most likely will be able to help you with SSD. We also may be able to help you find a better WC attorney in NY. We need more details to better understand your situation.

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