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Timothy J. Manchin

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  • Should my damage waiver cover me ?

    I have a rent ot own agreement on a flat screen TV. Recently it was broken when a wii remote control slipped out of someones hand and broke the screen.My damage waiver states "If you choose this option by paying the fee, you will not be responsibl...

    Timothy’s Answer

    I apologize but we do not handle that type of situation here at our
    office. You may contact the WV State Bar in need of help at

    Thank you.

    Kelly J. Musgrove
    Manchin Injury Law Group, PLLC
    1543 Fairmont Avenue, Suite 203

    Fairmont, WV 26554
    O: 304-367-1862 F: 304-367-1867

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  • What should i do if i was charged with reckless driving and no inserence no licence lesaving the scence of a crime

    what would be the guidelines for the charges that i have and what kind of time if any does itcarry on my frist offence

    Timothy’s Answer

    Thank you for your inquiry however, we do not handle those types of
    cases. You would need to contact a defense attorney. The WV State Bar
    could provide you with someone in your area and contact information,
    their phone number is 304.558.2456.

    Thank you and if you need any additional help, please do not hesitate to
    contact us.

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  • What type of attorney do I need for a suit against a county jail facility.

    My daughter was in a outpatient treatment facility and was on prescribed methadone maintenance. She was a participant in a stop court and the judge revoked her stop court and sanctioned her to jail. She was approx. 10 - 12 weeks pregnant and I was...

    Timothy’s Answer

    As the above attorneys recommended, a civil rights attorney would be a good place to start. Depending on the facts of your case, the case may be considered a Section 1983 case and has the possibility of providing attorney's fees.

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  • Can my parents be sued for my accident?

    I was at fault in a car accident that occurred in Virginia. The car belonged to my parents but I was on the insurance for the car. I was also already 18 with my license before the accident and now the person is trying to sue for personal injury. I...

    Timothy’s Answer

    The above attorneys are correct. Depending on how your insurance is established, your parents can be sued for the accident you were in.

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