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Kevin D. Mills

About Kevin Mills

About me

Over the course of the more than 29 years that my firm and I have been representing persons accused of crimes, we have tried and won jury acuittals for clients in State, Federal, Magistrate and Municipal Courts.  Our trial experience includes First Degree Murder, Vehicular Homicide, Sexual Assault, Drug Distribution, White Collar Crime and Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases.  I have also argued and won reversals in numerous cases before the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. 

I have always had the inclination to help people.  I really enjoy the personal relationships and try to develop them with the clients when they come in.  In some ways, it's like being a parent, but it's really a special relationship and it's something I love about my job.  I get to know my client's human failities, help guide them through a difficult time in their life and hopefully see them come out the other side of it as better people. 

My firm can never guarantee an outcome in a case but we try to give every client a personal guarantee that their case matters to all of us and they'll get treated with diginity when they retain us.  We will work hard and will always spend every necessary minute of our time and use our experience to get the best outcome for them.