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Shawn William Overbey

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  • Public defenders

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Laura adkins

    Mr overbey was appointed to my daughter's case. She had some serious charges. I was nervous letting a public defender defend her because I have heard they don't really try. But since I couldn't afford a lawyer I had no choice. I live 8 hours away . At my daughter's first court date I didn't know if I should travel there or not. I kept calling the office and was told she didn't know and that they would get back to me. They did get back to me at 5:00 Friday evening and told me to be there, so I drove the 8 hours so I could support my daughter. The morning of court I get there early so that I would be able to speak to me overbey. I waited and waited and waited.... Inside the court room the commonwealth kept asking where he was. No one knew. After many hours they postponed her court date for another month. I was livid!!!! I called his office and told them I wanted to speak to him about this. They assured me he would call me. Never got a call or an apology. Nothing. My daughter's court date was a week away. I still never could talk to him. I left several messages. So I ended up hiring a lawyer. Even though I could not afford it. And thank goodness I did. He got all her charges dropped and she was released. I just feel like Mr Overbey didn't not care about this case at all. I also think he or someone in his office could have at least given me an apology for the wasted trip I made or even an excuse why he wasn't there. I thought that was unprofessional. I am sure he is a great guy but for me this did not turn out well at all. Public defenders are paid to do their jobs and I think they should try just as hard for people who can't afford a lawyer.

    Hired attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Beree

    I had to have called a thousand attorneys and none of those that I actually had the opportunity to speak with acted like I was human, they were cold and my issues weren't important to them. Some of the attorneys who wanted to charge $5-10,000.00 don't even get on the phoe with you, they have someone else send a meaasge and you have to communicated third party, at those prices you should give personal attention to your potential clients. However when I received the callback from Mr.Overbey's office his assistant Gale was so pleasant, she listened to me, empathized and even comforted me in my situation which she did not have to do. It was already closing time but I wanted to meet with him that day so they went above and beyond and waited for me to get there that same day! When I met Mr.Overbey he was just as pleasant, he took his time with me and promised me his best and I felt comfortable with him and Mrs.Gale, we were a match made in heaven. I hired him on Feb.2, 2011 and our case is scheduled for 3/3/11. He is knowledgeable and moderately priced but worth every bit of his price! I'd pay him more if I could just because of how he has treated my loved one and I.