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Stephen Alan Dunnigan

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  • Lots of time for Minimal help for Minimal settelment

    1.0 star

    Posted by John

    Trustworthy, in the beginning. Responsive, ? at a cost. Knowledgeable, Yes as far as I know but I'm not a lawyer. Kept me informed, NO I had to call his office to get an answer of "Still Waiting" I was contacted by his office 3 times in 3 years. Overall rating, Minimal work for the most settlement. NEVER AGAIN, my mistake, my fault. When I first met Dunnigan I believed him when he told me that my case was worth $500,000.00 dollars even though the insurance company would only pay out $100,000.00 dollars so I figured he would fight for every dime of it, (WIN WIN). He got me hooked like a fish then dropped me like a rock when it came time to settle 3 years later. He built my hopes up and made me feel like he was in it for the long haul and that his office was doing everything possible for me, until its time to settle. Then he started making excesses why they cannot take the case any further and why I needed to settle for the minimum offer. Every time I called or talked to his office because Dunnigan would NOT keep me informed, and I asked what was going on with my case, I was told a different excuse every time. It was always someone else's fault, doctors, insurance company's, other lawyers or something I said or didn't say or I did or didn't do, or I needed to get paper work stating this or that ... always something I or someone else had to do. I felt like why did I hire a lawyer if I needed to do the work. I had to get paper work for them or I had to talk to the doctor and there hands were tied, and they can't do no more, and the list goes on. It seemed Dunnigan's office sat on my case for years saying he is waiting for something or another. Excuses kept going on until I didn't care anymore and I knew Dunnigan was through helping me. I just wanted to get it over with and that's what he wanted TOO, so he gets paid and moves on. I told Dunnigan I wanted to fight for the $100,000.00 he said we could get and to take this to court and that's when he told me WE WOULD LOSE even though I was in the right and it would cost more to fight then to settle even though we would win the case. It was very highly suggested to me by him to settle the case. He did not want to take my case to court and said the best thing for me to do was a Arbitration settlement. Then I found out from his office that he had a vacation trip to Europe planned during the time I would have gone to court. Even though I won a settlement, it was minimal. I will be disabled for the rest of my life for someone else's negligence and I had to settle for less than the price of a used car. . NO European vacation or even a descent car for me (used). Then, after it was over I asked for copies of my file, I was told, "You have to be very specific about what paper work you ask for because there is just too much to go through and some of it I can't have." (I got NO, NO, NO paperwork on my case, NONE). If you need a quick lawyer to settle for the minimum, and DON'T fight, this is the one to go to. I was wrong for NOT doing my part in checking him out first. So In the end, IT WAS MY FAULT. And if you are military, It's worse because if you settle, you will have to pay back the military as well.