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David Michael Good

David Good’s Answers

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  • Final divorce decree ordered spouse to pay spousal support. What happens when he stops making payments.

    Can he be charged with contempt of a court order? If so, what are the likely consciences of this?

    David’s Answer

    Your first step should be to seek a personal consultation with a Virginia-licensed family law attorney. They will likely advise that a show cause should be filed against your former spouse for violating the divorce decree. If the issue of spousal support was transferred to a juvenile and domestic relations district court the show cause will need to be filed in that court.

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  • I was going 52 in a 25 at night. I was given a reckless for it, which is understandable. Would I go to jail for this?

    It was my first time getting a traffic violation. I've never been in trouble with the law for anything. I'm also under 18

    David’s Answer

    Since you are a minor please ask your parents to contact an attorney to setup a meeting with you.

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