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Sheera Rachel Herrell

Sheera Herrell’s Legal Guides

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  • Virginia Equitable Distribution Factors

    The contributions, monetary and nonmonetary, of each party to the well-being of the family. Don't discount your non-monetary contributions to the well-being of the family. Being a stay-at-home paren

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  • Who gets custody of the family pet in a divorce?

    You and your husband have agreed on the parenting plan, supportand how to divide the assets and liabilities - things are going well. Then, you realize one very important topic has not been addressed - who gets custody ofthe family pet. This is a hot topic and occurs more frequent...

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  • Top Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Divorce Consultation

    Paystubs/Daycare receipts/Cost of health insurance for the children Bring recent paystubs of both spouses, recent daycare expenses and the cost of health insurance for your children. By having this

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