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Michele Susan Lewane

Michele Lewane’s Legal Guides

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  • Guidelines when on light duty and looking for work within your restrictions

    MARKETING Over the past few years I have seen a disturbing new trend developing in the workers' compensation arena. Injured workers are increasingly being denied their compensation because they did not look for work sufficiently for the Commission. I have developed these guid...

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  • How to get your mileage reimbursement

    How To Request a Mileage Reimbursement Virginia Law allows for Injured Workers to be compensated for their travel expenses for trips to the doctors office, therapy and meetings with vocational rehab counselors. The insurance company will reimburse expenses for uncontested cla...

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  • What is the Value of my Virginia Workers Compensation Claim?

    In general, when all is said and done, the bottom line for most clients is the answer to this question, What is my case worth? The system is, after all, called compensation. Unfortunately, this question is much easier to ask than it is to answer since there are many issues to co...

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  • Impairment Ratings and Functional Capacity Evaluations in Virginia Workers' Compensation Cases

    Impairment Ratings and Functional Capacity Evaluations in Virginia Workers Compensation Cases I. Loss of use of a body part. A. The legal term under workers compensation coverage is permanent partial disability benefits B. The neck and back are not covered body parts under Virgi...

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  • Q: What if my employer does not have any workers compensation insurance?

    A: The Virginia Workers Compensation Commission has an uninsured fund. If your employer was suppose to have workers compensation insurance and he did not, you can still get your workers compensation benefits through the uninsured fund. Your benefits will be the same as if your e...

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  • What Can a Workers Comp Attorney Do for me?

    I cant speak for every workers compensation attorney, but I can tell you what I do for my own clients in any given case:Educate and teach clients aboutworkers compensation claims. Educate and teach clients about theadministrative process Gather written records anddocuments to s...

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  • Is the settlement offer from the insurance company fair?

    The reason I have a job along with numerous other workers compensation attorneys is that the answer to this question is usually no. Most insurance adjustors are highly trained adversaries, although most people would never think this, at least not in the beginning of the claims p...

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  • Why I wrote Ultimate Guide To Workers' compensation in Virginia"

    I wrote this book because I have seen too many people victimized by insurance companies. I want to give injured workers knowledge that can help them in their battle with the insurance companies. Being informed is the most powerful weapon. Knowledge is power. You may not need an a...

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