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World Trade Center Victim's Compensation Fund - $1.1 Million Pro Bono Recovery

Practice Area: Car accident

Outcome: Awarded: $1.1 Million

Description: After the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, the United States Government set up a Victim's Compensation Fund to provide for the families of those who were killed or injured. Soon after the creation of the Fund, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America created a pro bono entity called Trial Lawyers Care ("TLC"). Attorneys who volunteered through TLC represented clients, pro bono, before the Victim's Compensation Fund. Vaden Warren volunteered to represent families before the Fund. Mr. Warren represented the family of a woman who was killed in the World Trade Center. She left behind a beloved partner, mother, and two sisters. He was able to make a recovery for her family of over $1.1 million. Mr. Warren states that “representing these clients was some of the most fulfilling work, professionally and personally, that he has performed. He was glad to have the opportunity to help people who had their lives drastically affected by the attacks of September 11, 2001. T. Vaden Warren, Jr. helped the victim’s family to recover over $1.1 million.

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