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Automobile Accident – Culpeper, Virginia

Practice Area: Car accident

Outcome: Awarded: $226,000.00

Description: Vaden Warren represented a 12-year-old female who was injured in a head-on automobile accident with a man who, while attempting to pass another vehicle, crossed a double solid line, stayed in the wrong lane for over 15 seconds and approached a blind hill. He did not see the vehicle the client was riding in, resulting in a high speed crash. The young client was riding in the back seat of the vehicle. Her aunt and cousin in the front were killed in the wreck. The client experienced blurred vision, a swollen eye, headaches and dizziness among other symptoms associated with the accident. Her main injury was a 10cm laceration to her forehead, extending down over her left eye. While most of the client's injuries subsided fairly quickly, the scar remained. The client endured teasing at school and was self-conscious about the scar; however, she chose not to undergo revision surgery. The personal injury case was tried before a jury in Culpeper Circuit Court, and after 45 minutes of deliberation, the jury awarded the client with $226,000.

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