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Laura Blair Butler

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  • "I like to be perfect."

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anonymous

    Five words: "I like to be perfect." These are words you want and need your attorney to say, and they are a direct quote from Laura Blair Butler of Tucker Griffin Barnes. She represents me in my very contentious and scary separation/divorce case. I hired her after my first attorney refused to return my calls for ten days. Laura has always been incredibly professional, punctual, and responsive. I have the utmost trust in her and respect for her; I have never questioned her ethics. My children feel welcome and enjoy playing in the toy/library area in the lobby of the firm. In addition, it is abundantly clear to me that Laura Butler maintains great respect for the judge and good working relationships with other family law attorneys in Charlottesville. I have recommended Laura to many other individuals. She is NOT a hand holder, but she is brutally honest, knows the law inside and out, has an amazing work ethic, and is very creative in her problem solving. She will research anything and everything to reach the best conclusions. I need empathy and compassion, and I seek solace from my friends, family, and other professionals. I have been very frightened in my case, for myself and our children, and have been to the police and the women's shelter on numerous occasions. I even had a local, very well-respected mediator warn me about going to court against my ex and his attorney who has a huge reputation ("he is the best.") Nevertheless, I trusted my instincts and I trusted Laura, and I am very glad I did. I believe that Laura does not push for litigation unless it is truly necessary, however. She warns me against actions that would be more money than they are worth and does not endeavor to rack up my invoices. She communicates as necessary, but does not send wordy emails, long messages, or spend unnecessary time with me. All in all, I feel she really has my back. I cannot recommend her strongly enough, and cannot imagine having another attorney. I am extremely fortunate to have met her and to have her represent me.

  • Recommendation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by obese.not

    In every professional dealing I have had with Laura Butler, I have found her to be exceptionally knowledgeable and well-prepared. Her knowledge of the law has been thorough in each of our dealings. In addition, she has consistently been able to see my situation and her counsel has been to the point and helpful for me specifically. She has earned my trust in her judgement. I find her to be pragmatic and an effective communicator - able to grasp the situation and to communicate clearly the counsel, advice, and/or solutions that are best each situation.

    I have profited from her good judgement.

  • The complete family lawyer -- a rare find!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    When you first interview Laura, it is apparent you are in the presence of a true professional in all aspects of family law. From her childhood, Laura was exposed to this often contentious environment presented by the divorce of her parents. From this experience, she can offer valuable counsel to children involved. Her communication skills with her clients are exceptional.

    Laura is always prepared. I never saw her surprised either in or out of court. She treats all adversaries with respect, and then proceeds to dismantle them. When I saw how well she knew, and could quickly recall, the details of my case, in court, I was amazed. The other attorney had to refer to his notes to get the names and ages of the children, while Laura was able to give names, ages and the schools they attended without referring to anything. I could tell the respect the judge had for her.

    In summary, I never questioned Laura's judgement. When I did not understand something, Laura could give a concise explanation that I easily understood. Laura provides value in representation that lasts much longer than the time you are her active client. Only now, a few years later, do I realize the positive impact, personal and financial, of some of Laura's advice.