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Confidential Settlement v. Manufacturing Plant

Case Conclusion Date: 11.11.2002

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: $950,000 Settlement

Description: Our 42-year old client was on a delivery to a factory in the western part of the state when a 500 pound garage door broke and fell on him, hitting him on the shoulder. The force of the impact caused fractures to his shoulder, ribs, back, femur and heel. He was hospitalized and then was off work for over one year. When he returned to work,he was able to do so on a part-time basis and it is expected that he will eventually have to change jobs to accommodate his inability to bear weight on his injured heel fully. His past medical bills were about $60,000 and it is likely that he will need surgery in the future. He had lost about $35,000 in wages and it was projected that his future wage loss would amount to about $280,000, due to the need to work only part time and then eventually change jobs.

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