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Sunday Morning case

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: Another good outcome

Description: Everyone talks about providing superior service. I’m not sure what that means to others, but I know that our firm members are really there to help you when you need us. In one particular case, I received an email, on a Sunday morning, for assistance from a new employee of one of our clients. I received the email just as my wife and I were headed out the door for brunch. The visa package we prepared had been sent to a new employee in Canada so that he could apply at a port of entry (POE) and enter the US. The client delayed going to the POE to present the package for 6 weeks to submit the petition. When he applied he was advised by the officer that the letters in the package were “too old”. Even on an early Sunday morning our SZE team pulled together and got the documents sent to the airport that afternoon so the candidate could still travel to the US and begin working on Monday morning. This is the level of service that we routinely provide to all our clients

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