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Kyung Nam Dickerson

About Kyung Dickerson

About me

Most family law attorneys regard courtroom proceedings as a necessary, but hopefully avoidable, part of their practice. Not SmolenPlevy’s Kyung (Kathryn) Dickerson, who enjoys the challenge of the courtroom. “I love going to court,” Dickerson says. “It’s a constant proving ground. Being in court keeps you sharp and focused and if you enjoy being in the courtroom, then each appearance teaches you how to become a better attorney.” Even though Dickerson often tries to steer clients away from the courtroom and toward less adversarial negotiations, especially when there are children involved, she knows divorce cases frequently end up in front of a judge. When they do, she’s ready. “The evidence is the evidence. The difference for any client is the ability of his or her attorney to persuasively argue that client’s side of the case to the judge.”

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