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  • My husband has $22,000 in cc debt that there was a judgement put against him. we are trying to refi the home mortgage of which w

    we are tenants in the intierety on the house. it seems the cc companies put a lien or something against the house. if my husband passes away before me am I responsible for his debt in cc...I was not on those cc nor was I aware of them. do we nee...

    Craig’s Answer

    The lien does not attach to the property in Virginia as you own it tenants by the entirety. If you divorce, it will attach to his half. If he dies, you are not personally responsible for it - his estate is. You should not need to add the cc debt to the refi and you should be able to sell without it being an issue.

    We'll be glad to help with the refi closing. Contact our Springfield office on Wednesday as we are closed for the hurricane. (703) 451-5203 Craig Buck The Buck Law Firm and Alliance Title & Escrow

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