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Emerson v. Emerson: Va. Court of Appeals. Record # 0566-03-04

Case Conclusion Date: 02.21.2003

Practice Area: Child custody

Outcome: Appeal dismissed by Virginia Court of Appeals September 16, 2003

Description: Kiamalia Emerson (mother) appealed the February 21, 2003 order of the Fairfax County Circuit Court awarding mother and John S. Emerson (father) joint custody of their minor child. On appeal, the mother contended the trial court erred by (1) failing to grant her sole legal custody of their son, (2) "granting to father authority to make the final decision on any issues concerning their son on which the parties are unable to agree," and (3) failing to award mother primary physical custody of their son. Upon reviewing the record and briefs of the parties, the Court of Appeals conclude that the appeal was without merit and summarily affirmed the decision of the trial court.

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