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Sandra Kay Drewniak

About Sandra Drewniak

About me

Partner in aggressive Virginia and DC traffic and criminal defense firm composed exclusively of former law enforcement, including former police and prosecutor. The firm concentrates on providing powerful legal protections to clients in DUI, traffic, reckless driving, assault, sex crimes, Internet crimes, drugs, homicide and other cases. Our attorneys have represented White House personnel, politicians, celebrities, generals, CEOs, military, federal agents, executives, students, defense contractors, television stars, professional athletes, police and other lawyers who demand the very finest in legal protection. With over 20 years of combined courtroom experience, the attorneys of Furlong and Drewniak provide a powerful shield to protect your legal rights while examining every aspect of your case to review every available legal defense to maximize your outcome. With their unique police and prosecutor backgrounds, our attorneys provide our clients an insider’s view on police procedure, evidence collection, lab analysis, and how the government will prosecute the case. As former law enforcement professionals, our attorneys have been trained in DUI field sobriety tests, radar speed detection, forensic evidence, fingerprints, blood patterns, ballistics, sex crime reports, homicide investigation and more. The seasoned professionals at Furlong and Drewniak also handle a select number of civil cases that require our aggressive and forceful approach. The firm offers out-of-office appointments, flexible payment plans, after-hours emergency contact service and carefully safeguards your privacy. To keep up with demand the firm has expanded to offices in central and northern Virginia providing immediate coverage to all state, federal and military courts. 

Please call the Law Offices of Furlong & Drewniak for a free attorney consultation and to get your questions answered. 

DUI / DWI clients should call immediately to avoid missing important legal deadlines.

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