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  • Can I legally posses a firearm at home or while traveling if my significant other is a felon?

    I live in New Mexico and frequently travel back and forth to Florida. My girlfriend is a felon and the vehicle we travel in is hers. On our latest trip we were almost carjacked and so I have acquired a firearm to protect us in the event this happe...

    Rixon’s Answer

    YOu may legally possess a firearm so long as you comply with the laws in every state you travel in.

    Your felon GF on the other hand will be placed at risk of arrest.

    Strongly recommend you speak to a gun rights attorney and law enforcement before you do anything.

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  • How can I get a drug trafficking charge expunged?

    Arrested, car was seized at Canadian border (in Vermont), a fine was given and I was told "it won't show up on background check". I haven't checked but I'm suspicious. I had 90 days to appeal the seizure of my vehicle. Should I appeal? I'm down to...

    Rixon’s Answer

    You beat the charge in court.

    Did you mean that you were convicted?

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  • Do lawyers Ever Give Refunds?????? I know it depends on the case!

    I hate that I would even have to consider requesting a refund but was having issues from day one. She took my payment over the phone before she sent me the contract, the contract was sent 3 days later, it would take 3-4 weeks for her assistant to ...

    Rixon’s Answer

    Depends on the representation agreement you signed. Had your lawyer needed to bend over backwards for you, would you offer to pay more than the representation agreement.

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  • I need to sue my sister!

    My sister owes me nearly 60,000 as part of a contract when I worked for her in 2011-2013 and 1000 from just this year. She keeps saying she doesnt have to pay for reasons that has nothing to do with the money

    Rixon’s Answer

    Ok. So, what is your legal question.

    Its is not clear in your post whether or not you have any legal options.

    See an AL attorney immediately.

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  • What is my legal right to evict my niece from the house we inherited from the passing of my parents.

    My mother passed in January and my niece has lived there and suppose to pay rent for all most three years and we have not seen money. There are 3 of us so we all own one third. Two of us want to sell the house and my sister wants her daughter to...

    Rixon’s Answer

    Sister can buy the other two out,or the two can go to court to force a sale--split the proceeds three ways. See a WV attorney.

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  • Is it necessary for the lawyer to wire the money to the opposing attorney?

    Background: My dad, defendant, lost his case and must pay the settled amount of money the the plaintiff....... My father, the defendant, must pay the settled amount to the plaintiff. Our attorney, who lives in San Francisco, stated that the mon...

    Rixon’s Answer

    The defendant should follow the instruction of his lawyer.

    Not sure how YOU are involved in the process if your father is competent.

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  • When does a neighborhood watch become stalking? What about possible criminals?

    I bought drugs a long while back, I got jumped and robbed by criminals and since then (way too long ago), I have had harassment problems of sorts from people who I recognize and people I don't. I DID REPORT THE ROBBERY TO THE POLICE. Some of the p...

    Rixon’s Answer

    These issues are not civil rights matters, changing practice area to lawsuits and disputes.

    Odd that you admit to a crime in an open public forum ("I bought drugs...")
    Odd, you reported the theft of your drugs to police?
    You are free to report anything you believe to be harassing or threatening to police.
    Nothing you posted here indicates the neighborhood watch has done anything improper.

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  • In the state of Oregon when being arrested does the officer have to read you your rights?

    My boyfriend was arrested by a man in street clothes and he never identified himself and his rights weren't read until he got to the jail.

    Rixon’s Answer

    Sounds like his rights were read!

    FYI, Miranda rights are NOT required, ever. Common misunderstanding from too much TV. Only if the Government intends to use statements made during a custodial interrogation can a Miranda challenge be applied. Frequently the Government does not need any statements (like with a DUI for example).

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