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Kyle G. Manikas

Kyle Manikas’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Beat Your Reckless Driving Charge in Virginia (Va. Code 46.2-862 & 46.2-852)

    The Radar or Laser Unit Must be Tested to Ensure its Accuracy BOTH before AND After the Officer’s Shift There are reported decisions from the Virginia Court of Appeals that absolutely require this be

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  • Eight Ways to Defend and Challenge Your Virginia DWI or DUI Case

    Admissibility of evidence is a key concern when defending against a DUI conviction. Here are some of the ways in which DUI evidence may be challenged.

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  • How to Find & Hire the Right Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney

    Chose a Former Prosecutor — But Realize that All “Former Prosecutors” are NOT created equal. Whether you choose to retain my services or the services of another attorney, I strongly suggest that you

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  • How to Expunge Your Criminal Charge in Virginia

    An overview of the expungemet process in Virginia.

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