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Kristen D. Clardy

About Kristen Clardy

About me

Kristen attended the University of Oregon, where she studied Political Science and Economics. It was there that she began to develop her passion for social justice. Kristen worked on local and national political campaigns receiving first-page coverage in The New York Times for her volunteer work. After she graduated in 2005, Kristen spent a year volunteering with the Child Advocacy Center in Eugene, Oregon. There she worked closely with police and prosecutors to assist families with children involved in serious court cases, and advocated on the behalf of those children. 

Kristen attended the College of William & Mary School of Law on a partial scholarship, and was a professor's research assistant on the issues of commercial law and first amendment freedoms. She studied legal research and writing under the tutelage of the Commonwealth Attorney for James City County and the City of Williamsburg.  

During her tenure at William & Mary, her article concering the issue of false statements made during voire dire of jury trials was published in the 17th Volume of the William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal. Kristen was elected to the position of Executive Editor of the same journal, where she read and edited articles on the cutting edge of constitutional theory, written by some of the brightest legal scholars in our country. Even during law school Kristen continued her ethic of service to the young people of her community, volunteering 10 hours per week to read to students at a local elementary school. 

While most of her colleagues were still learning from textbooks, Kristen was gaining hands-on criminal defense experience by trying real cases. During her time as a Law Clerk at the Alexandria Public Defender's Office, Kristen was the lead attorney for a variety of cases, and took several of them to trial. She also worked as the lead attorney on cases involving juveniles accused of various crimes. In Alexandria, and during her time at both the Norfolk and Hampton Public Defenders, Kristen was involved in every stage of criminal cases. She has assisted with pre-trial investigations, trial preparation and strategy, and appeals to both the Virginia Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. As a result, Kristen is well-versed in the recent trial techniques and constitutional theories.