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Christopher Michael Day

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  • I was pulled over for 22mph over in Norfolk, VA. What are my options?

    I was pulled over for doing 52 in a 30 zone, but it wasn't labeled as reckless driving. The road was three lanes wide on each side, and there were no other cars on the road. I was focusing solely on the road ahead of me, and not my speedometer, bu...

    Christopher’s Answer

    You might also consider taking a DMV Driver Improvement Program course to add +5 good points to your driving record (check first to make sure someone under 18 gets the bonus points) before you go to court. If the court orders you to take the course, you can submit the completion certificate. However, if you do not take the course and the judge orders you to take one in exchange for a dismissal of the charge, you won't get the +5 good points. Good luck!

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  • Should I appeal for Circuit Court? Will I be able to petition for expungement in the future if I just accept current charges?

    The charge was a misdemeanor for shoplifting. I was convicted at District Court in VA. This is my first charge ever. So I'm wondering if there is any possibility at all to receive expungement in the future if I don't appeal. I understand that peti...

    Christopher’s Answer

    Virginia is strict when it comes to expungements. A conviction, barring something extremely unusual, will not be expungable. Even dismissals are sometimes not expungable where the defendent pled guilty or incurred some form of punishment (drug court, community service, etc.) I agree with the other posters: get a lawyer concerning that appeal.

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