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Brian Daniel Geno

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  • Ideal Results WIth Geno

    5.0 stars

    Posted by GJ

    When I was looking for a lawyer i was extremely wary of 2 things. One was someone who would try to scare me into a plea deal and convince me that we got away with something. Two was a lawyer who would be too impersonal to give my individual case anything other than generic assembly line enthusiasm. Brian was willing to continue my case and then go to trial before a preferred judge. While on trial he was willing to explore ALL avenues and evidence for my defense, Ultimately the judge found a technicality in our video evidence that dismissed the case. The best result you could hope for. All in all the punctuality and the scrambling through his notes/computer concerned me. But Mr. Geno is certainly worth hiring and will fight for you

    Hired attorney
  • Helped me to Dismiss the DUI Charge

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I have been to lot of attorneys and finally I visited Brian Geno's Office. My need was little specific as I was looking for an attorney who can deal with DUI and also Immigration laws. Many of the attorneys out there were pointing me to contact specific Immigration attorneys. Mr. Geno was the perfect attorney in my case as he knowledgeable on the Commonwealth DUI laws and also on the issues related to Immigrations, and the consequences of immigration when there is a DUI case on you.

    Brian Geno was always on time in filing paperwork with the district court and tried in every possible way to help me considering all the laws involved in my case. I would definitely recommend Brian Geno ! I learned a lot and gained very good information in respect to the law and your rights as an Immigrant / Citizen !

    Thank You Brian Geno for all your help.

  • Sensible, logical, and confident legal representation personifiied.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    I called several lawyers initially and I chose Brian Geno because from the moment I called his office, I was able to speak directly to him within minutes and after a brief initial conversation with him, I knew I made the right choice. Not only was the depth of his experience with situations like mine easily apparent, he had an innate ability to calm my nerves and speak to me in a way that gave me confidence that I could get the result I needed. In the weeks before my hearing, Brian was easily accessible and incredibly responsive to all of my questions and concerns.

    Thank you Brian for your help.

  • Helped me get my DWI charge reduced to a reckless

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    I was only in Virginia a few weeks when I made the poor decision of driving after a few drinks. I got arrested and charged with a DWI for blowing a .08 at the Fairfax County jail. I left for Florida few days later because this is were I live and knew I needed to find a quality attorney to fight my case. After calling several attorneys I decided to go with Brian because I felt he was genuine with a fair price. Over the next few months Brian worked with me through email and over the phone to fight the case. After two trips back up to Virginia for court and an alcohol evaluation just two days before my last court date Brian helped me get the verdict I desired and avoid the dreadful DWI charge. I would definitely recommend Brian to anybody in the Virginia area.

  • dui& four car accident

    5.0 stars

    Posted by ryan

    Starting the whole process i was a little nervous,i talked to several lawyers and explained my story and what story i told police.. after a few lawyers told me that with a accident involved it was more serious, more money!! Is what i heard, after brian and i spoke i felt alot better with my situation. . Long story short 4 car accident with 3 cars totaled mine included.. my fault,, they took me to a clinic to pull blood and then to county holding cell.. my blood was .13 we had a 3 month period before trial and i was prepared to serve 10 days ,asap class probably a fine and year suspension of dL. Trial date finally came and brian was on time and already explained the game plan a 2 weeks before.. brian and i watched a dui trial that was before mine and the poor guy got the book thrown at him, i was very nervous because my case was next and the judge didnt seem like he was in the best of moods thay day.. trial started 7 people took the stand,2 of the other drivers, doctors, the police officer. . Wow did they make me look bad, lying under oath and we could tell that the p.a had them well ready to make it all stick.. brian looked over at me during one of there testimonys and said are you ok? I probably looked sick because i wanted to puke, i just said things arent going so well.. he smiled and said not to worry he still had something up his sleeve..he did make me feel very confident by objecting all the speculation.. fighting for me was a understatement. . After they called there last witness brian turned into Jonny Cochran, and patience and timing turned the whole case around.brians knowledge and preparation showed up big time, he asked the judge to look at a old case where they found out that iodine contained alcohol . The judge called for a recess to look at the case.. 15 mins later judge came out and said that was true.. all there evidence was thrown out, the judge said that they couldnt use that evidence against me and unless they had anything else i was not guilty of the charge.. justice was served that day, when i sit and think about it iam so glad i chose brian, i never expected to have all charges dropped and me walk with out any charges. . I never seen anything that was so far one way and before i knew it brian had brought it all the way back in my favor.. unreal .. Victory loves preparation !!

  • Amazing service and resolution.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marcelo

    Mr. Geno, I wanted to take the time to say thank you so much for taking care of me (multiple times haha). I appreciate how genuine, sincere, and prompt you are with your service. I will continue referring friends and family to you. Take care.

  • Criminal Defense Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lana

    Brian Geno handled my criminal case with outmost competence, courtesy and empathy. His approach manners speak volumes of his professionalism and dedication to his trade. Mr. Geno is definitely knowledgeable of the law and the minute intricacies of the judicial system. Despite the unfavorable odds of my particular case, I was pleased with the positive (emphasis) outcome and overall, the way Mr. Geno handled the matter. Additionally, I am appreciative of the time Mr. Geno made available to answer questions, especially during a follow-up in the aftermath of my case.

    In summary, I will certainly recommend Brian Geno and will retain his law services in case of any future, legal predicaments (pun intended).


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Unita

    As one of Brian Geno's clients, I must say he is a very professional, friendly, and a very helpful lawyer.
    He is very knowledgeable about all the legal advice, which in my case, DWI.
    I will highly recommend this lawyer, because as a person I can see that he does genuinely care about his clients. You will never feel alone. He will guide you through the process. -And one thing I won't forget, he will never fail to make you laugh. During this down time, he was my adviser, my friend, my hope. Brian, "Thank you!" as simple as it is but I meant it.

  • Not charistmatic nor articulate

    1.0 star

    Posted by John Smithson

    This legal firm (lawyer) has wasted my time and money for a simple legal case without any concrete results. I had to close the case with him and assign it to another lawyer. He's not very responsive, professionally aggressive, nor articulate; not to mention he lacks basic charisma of a well-experienced lawyer. Every time I present him with a simple legal question, his simple response would be: "I don't know; I'll have to find out." He also came across as very detached from my case.

    This is my own objective opinion based on subjective experience with him, not an effort to defame or misinform.

  • Amazing and Professional Service

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Stephen

    On March 11, 2013, I had a trial for a DWI. I was completely lost and frightened as to how the proceedings would go. After receiving several letters from attorneys willing to represent me, Brian Geno was recommended to me. I met with him, and was very impressed with his thorough information gathering for the critical details of the case. He worked with me to help me remember every detail possible to best represent me. The trial date came, and his understanding of the law and aggressive and professional courtroom manner successfully achieved our goal of having the case stricken from the record. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs his services. I can't put into words how much my expectations were exceeded.