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Samuel J Brown

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  • My 15 year old wants to come live with me. But his mother wont allow him.

    Is it illegal to pick up my son and not take him back if we both have joint custody

    Samuel’s Answer

    Your posting location is listed as Annapolis. I will make no assumptions on the location of any prior litigation but much of your question depends on your jurisdiction and the content of any prior orders and whether or not there are any emergency circumstances which require an immediate change of custody. Most judges do not like self help but understand depending on the age of the child, reasons for the change, living circumstances and existence of prior orders that changes may occur and a change wold be in the child's best interest. That is the bench mark, after proving a material change in circumstances, that the court needs to determine what is in the child's best interest. I am not in a position to provide you with a dissertation on the possible alternatives or to answer a question without having all the facts, You need to either seek counsel immediately or get some consent form the other parent before you take action .There are 12 Circuit Court Judges in Anne Arundel County and six Masters who could touch this case, Don't act without thought and always seek the advise of counsel. This is my best non answer to a question where I need many more facts before i could give you advice.
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  • If my daughters father has not been in her life for over 8 years and she doesnt want to see him will she be forced too see him

    my daughter doesnt really know her father and i say that because after 7 years I SEARCHED HIM OUT and tried to let her meet him that didnt go to well she feels nervous and doesnt really like him although i try and keep the line open for her to c...

    Samuel’s Answer

    There are not enough facts to completely answer this question. THe courts look to unify families as much as they can. Depending on the age of the child they may not know what is best for them. Children do want guidance and to be taught what is right. Now if there is a reason that the child should not see its parent the court will consider that. If there has been abuse or neglect that will have an affect on the court's decision. Court's will not just begin visitation; they usally ease into the visits.

    In my experience courts try and reunify the family. Early childhood experiences follow a person through their life. What is in the child's best interest is the mantra of the court; but they don't always get it right!

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