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Jeffrey Kaplan’s reviews

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Review Jeffrey Kaplan
  • Jai hit the nail on the head.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Karen

    Not prepared at all and seemed intimidated in court. Was completely outclassed by opposing Attorney.

    Hired attorney
    Jeffrey Lewis Kaplan’s response: “Jai hit the nail on the head? As I stated, I sued this woman and her girlfriend. Her entire comment and everything else she did was a lie. If you are who I think you are, your case was over 4 years ago. I was not outclassed by opposing counsel. I cannot force people to tell the truth. Just because the result was not favorable does not mean I was not prepared nor outclassed. I do not appreciate you taking out whatever anger you have for the situation you are in on me and my career. Thanks for the kind words though. Much appreciated.”
  • A lesson Learned

    1.0 star

    Posted by Jai

    After much thinking, I felt it very necessary to give an honest rating from someone who used his service. Me and my then at the time, fiancé, hired this gentleman on our custody case. We have never had to hire a lawyer for anything before but have some understanding how the fact the attorney is hired to work on the client's behalf. Mr. Kaplan at first shared with me his experience and how he could probably resolve this without having to go to court. Well in short, we went to court. After witnessing his behavior in court, he seemed nervous and to watch how the other side which had no attorney representing them, I was truly embarrassed because they made Mr. Kaplan look a little raw. Knowing my case, we tried to whisper to Mr. Kaplan & pass notes to him in response to the otherside, but he ignored us and said he got this. Needless to say, he didn't. We ended up having to challenge the court on their decision for the other side which resulted into me hiring an actual trial Family attorney with a huge amount of experience which proved to be better experienced and this time we won hands down without further court hearings. Now, the kicker, b/c we were not satisfied with Mr. Kaplan we challenged his fees because he billed us with hours that we know there was no way he did, one he proved in court he wasn't prepared as he had no response to the otherside, no good questions asked to challenge the other side and failed to ask those that we asked of him. So he quickly sued us within a very short amount of time, without discussing arrangements, options etc. We won part of the bill, with some credit but still had to pay him more than we felt fair. We got him paid and done with and never again, will we worry about him. He has so much to learn. We believe that in the long run, real justice will be served. We would hate to know that anyone would be taken for granted by any attorney. Just be careful of who you hire.

    Jeffrey Lewis Kaplan’s response: “This is now the second review I received from the same disgruntled client. Their actions caused the situation they were in and it was not due to my legal performance why the decision went the way it did, it was due to her actions and hers alone. I was extremely prepared; we had a full day trial and I represented her case the best anyone could have handled it. She was unhappy because the decision went against her, but that was due to her actions and hers alone. I then sued her for the money I was owed because she refused to pay and received 95% of it through the Courts: the 5% which was credited was to make my former client feel like she came out of there with a small victory. This individual hired a new attorney and won due to the fact I myself filed the additional paperwork and the fact the opposing party consented to a change in custody. The new lawyer had no impact whatsoever. AVVO deleted this individuals last review and I wish I had seen this sooner so I could have dealt with this new one last year. I hope any possible prospective future clients don't take one spiteful ex-client's comments as fact.”
  • AMAZING, AFFORDABLE, HELPFUL AND BEST LAWYER I HAVE EVER USED!!! Me my family and friends are now all clients of Fisher & Kaplan

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Noah

    I asked around and did a lot of research to find the best lawyer in my area for an affordable price and I ended up going to the Law Offices of Fisher & Kaplan. They were amazing. They treated me with respect and made me feel like an equal. They were both down to earth and answered every question I had, even if I asked the same one 5 times, haha. Most importantly, they won me my case which the other lawyers told me was un-winnable. They said I was going to jail for sure... and now my record was expunged as if it never happened! The best part about it was that these guys charged me half of what the other lawyers were charging!!! I would totally recommend them to anyone and everyone!!! Def def def use them.