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Herbert Burgunder III

Herbert Burgunder’s Answers

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  • Breaking my lease due to mice infestation

    I've been living at my apartments since late January, at the end of May I started seeing mice and called maintenance. The came for "patching" but we're only in the apartment for 15 minutes and never returned. I've been calling maintenance and resi...

    Herbert’s Answer

    You need for file for rent escrow and arrange an inspection by the local housing authority or code enforcement agency. The Court should direct you to the number to call to arrange for the inspection. You might also sue for breach of lease for failing to provide a habitable place.

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  • In Baltimore City, do I have to go to rent court on wrongful detainer if my lawyer goes?

    Do I have to be present in court if I have a lawyer on my behalf? What code or law can I cite to on this?

    Herbert’s Answer

    You need to be present if you are a witness with firsthand information. Your lawyer is not likely to have personal knowledge of whether there was a lease agreement.

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