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Cynthia Beth Rosenberg

Cynthia Rosenberg’s Legal Guides

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  • Interview Behavior that sends your Marriage Case to the Fraud Unit. Avoid the Following....

    Are you and your spouse ready for the marriage interview? Don't let your case be referred for fraud investigation. Reasons for referral - Nervousness Behavior such as Extreme nervousness - It is natu

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  • Proving a VAWA Case

    How do you start to prepare a VAWA filing? It is very difficult to find the proper evidence to prove you have been abused, but do not despair. USCIS is aware of these difficulties and is flexible. There are often avenues of evidence you may not have thought of.

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  • Did I abandon my Green Card due to Extended Foreign Travel?

    Get a Reentry Permit BEFORE you go USICS expects lawful permanent residents to reside in the United States more than half of the time. This is vital in the context of appying for naturalization. How

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  • Immigration and Social Media

    USCIS thinks you are narcissistic! In the memo that was leaked, USCIS states "Narcissistic tendencies in many people fuels a need to have a large group of “friends” link to their pages and many of th

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  • DO I REALLY REALLY need to hire an immigration attorney

    Where are you getting your immigration information from? Are you relying on a friend who had a case "just like mine"? There is no case exactly the same. Are you reading someone's blog? For complex ca

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  • Establishing Hardship Factors for Waivers - Extreme, Unusual and Exceptional

    First, Do you have the qualifying relative? Do you have a US citizen or permanent resident spouse, parent or child who will suffer from your absence? There is inconsistency in sections of the waiver

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  • The Immigration Attorney/Client Relationship - Client Rights

    Your Right to be listened to The attorney may give you a questionnaire ahead of time. That should be filled in as best you can so the attorney can ask the right questions. However, your questions are

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  • The Separate Marriage Interview (Stokes Interviews)

    Why are we being called back? They just do not believe your marriage is real. Think about your first interview honestly and realistically. What went wrong? You may think everything was fine. Relax

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  • Practical Advice: How to Survive a Marriage Based Interview in the Baltimore USCIS District Office

    Preparation - You can not be too prepared 1. Make copies of everything you intend to turn in as evidence. If you only take originals, the USCIS office will take the original. They will tell you that

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