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Lee Jay Eidelberg

Lee Eidelberg’s Legal Guides

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  • Alcohol Beverage Violations

    Discussion of Underage Possession of Alcohol

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  • Maryland Shoplifting - Civil Liabilities of the Criminal Defendant

    Individualsapprehendedfor shoplifting in Maryland are often faced not only with the uncertainty of impending criminal charges after their detention and release bysecurity personnel,but their receipt thereafter of correspondence, in the form of an initial "demand" letter from eith...

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  • New Procedures For Payable Traffic Tickets - Maryland Offenders

    Maryland drivers who receive "payable" traffic citations (those that do not bear a "MA" or must appear designation, should be mindful of recently enacted legistation that requires a person who receives a payable traffic ticket to comply with the citation by doing one of the follo...

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  • Out Of State Driving Convictions - Do Points Transfer to My Maryland Driving Record?

    Maryland is a member of the"Driver's License Compact" which, with other member States, promotescompliance with driving regulations and equality inone's eligibility either to obtain a license or continue driving, by reporting each conviction of a person from another party state to...

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  • Maryland's Misuse of Electronic Mail Statute

    With the advent of electronic mail and text messaging as a customary form of communication, one should be cognizant of criminal lawsrelating to the use of electronic mail that may be deemed harassing and could lead to criminal sanction.Pursuant to Section 3-805 of Maryland's Crim...

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  • The Automobile Accident - Your Rights and Responsibilities

    How to Protect Your Interests Following a Car Accident If you have sustained personal injury or property damage, contact your local police to respond to the scene, document the facts of the accident,

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