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  • How can I minimize my speeding ticket charges, what are the charges, and is my ticket invalid due to the incorrect information?

    I got a ticket for going 93 on a 55 on my way to the place I am renting at going from DE to MD. There was no one on the road but me, and it was night time. I slow down to 55 mph when I approach other vehicles and/or intersections. The officer had ...

    Adam’s Answer

    The State must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Even though you are charged with traffic violations, the State of Maryland still has the burden of proof. That is why, when an officer fails to appear in Court, a plea of NOT GUILTY, will always result in a finding of NOT GUILTY, because there will be no evidence against you. Having said that, you have presented several issues which must be raised in Court IF you chose to go that route. Again, many people feel that they don't need a lawyer because "It's just a traffic ticket", however, there are many ramifications now or down the line as a driving record accrues points.
    I suggest you call an attorney.

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  • How can I avoid criminal charges if I already paid in the full the amount

    So as a first time and last time I stole from macys but agreed to repay for the items.i paid the full amount of what I thought was owed because security NEVER gave me a full amount nor did he prove to me what was taken. Yes I cooperated and admitt...

    Adam’s Answer

    There is much information needed to fully and accurately advise you. In Maryland, the civil recovery of alleged theft loss is separate and distinct from the criminal side. I have had many cases where criminal charges were not filed until almost a year later.

    It is imperative that you speak to a lawyer skilled in handling these cases.

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  • If your case was dismissed do you still need to get your record expunged ?

    I had court on Monday and the judge told me I was free to go. If my case was dismissed do I still need to go and get my record expunged or do I not need to because my case was dismissed?

    Adam’s Answer

    You need to file a petition for expungement of records.

    The forms are online or available at the clerks office.

    The charges will remain on your record until you do this.

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  • Got another dui while on probation can my probation officer lock me up?

    This will only be my second dui and only trouble with the law

    Adam’s Answer

    Your agent can submit a violation to the court. The judge will decide whether to issue a warrant or summons for the VOP hearing or they can just wait to see what happens with the new charge before deciding whether or not to have a VOP hearing.

    Be mindful that the terms of probation require you to advise your agent of the new charges.

    You also need to continue complying with all of the probation terms. You don't want to stop complying with anything because that will add to the list of violations.


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  • Marijuana possesion dont want jail time

    I have court tomarrow for a possesion charge and no lawyer yet whats gonna happen. And i currently lost my job so money is tight. I really dont want to go to jail so whats my best options

    Adam’s Answer

    If the amount you are claimed to have possessed is less than 10 grams and the charges were from after 10/1/14 the offense does not carry jail time and is not a criminal offense.

    Of course you may have legal or factual defenses to the allegations regardless of the penalty.

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  • If it was stipulated that a case was going to be nol pross'd on a certain date, should my lawyer wait until that date?

    Can he request--ahead of time--that it be nol pross'd on that date to make sure it's done on the date agreed upon (or will this annoy the prosecutor)? If he waits UNTIL that date, won't it take weeks longer?

    Adam’s Answer

    Depends on a lot of factors.

    Its a good thing that an agreement was reached that charges are being nolle'd. Without knowing details or basis for the agreement it's hard to say.

    It shouldn't annoy prosecutor unless the arrangement was crystal clear. Many times the arrangement can include that defendant and lawyer don't even need to appear. Good luck and congratulations. Make sure to pick up expungement petition

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  • Is there a statue of limitation on a civil law suit

    I was assaulted, I filed charges against the assailant and she in turn filed charges she is a convicted felon and I am a respected retired teacher. The assailant admitted in her statement of charges that she hit me. I have paralysis in the righ...

    Adam’s Answer

    There is a statute of limitations BUT, of most importance, quite frankly, is the pending criminal charge against YOU. Do not assume that because the assailant is lying that you do not have any exposure. Many times the State does not and is not able to discern which version(s) of events is accurate. You need to contact an attorney immediately to assist you with defending against the pending criminal charges against you. If you prevail in the criminal case you will potentially have a civil cause of action. If the outcome of the criminal case is not favorable, that could impact any civil claim you may have.

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  • Is there any way in which one can have their DUI record expunged after a certain period of time?

    Didn't have a lawyer (wrong decision) and pled guilty because I thought I had to. Was given the option to face prison time or home confinement...again, because I thought I had to.....

    Adam’s Answer

    According to the West Virginia DMV:

    "Points for a given infraction remain on a driver’s record for two years after the date of the driver’s conviction for that infraction; the infraction itself remains on a driver’s record for five years."

    If you want 100% confirmation, call them, Toll-Free- 1-800-642-9066

    Good Luck !

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  • Am I liable? during the snow storm I delivered newspapers and threw them in the drive and someone says I broke their snowblower

    The front of the mailboxes weren't shoveled out. Someone ran over a paper and says I caused their snowblower to break and they want a new one.

    Adam’s Answer

    It MUST be proven that you are the cause of the damages. Just because the snow blower broke, does not mean that you were the cause.
    What evidence exists to show that YOU were the reason that it broke.

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  • How long do courts usally postpone a criminal court date for in towson

    my boyfriend in there for robbery

    Adam’s Answer

    Several others have answered, but, if the case is set for a preliminary hearing in the District Court, the timelines and analysis are different.

    Can you advise if case is in Circuit or District Court


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