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Francis J. Collins

Francis Collins’s Legal Guides

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  • Public Sector Pensions in Maryland -- lost for "disloyal" or "unfaithful" service

    DON'T PUT YOUR PENSION AT RISK BY DISLOYAL OR UNFAITHFUL SERVICE Many public sector employees are not aware that, under Maryland Law, a public pension earned through employment with a Maryland County or City, can be denied after many years of service because the pension boa...

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  • Commissions for Salespeople

    Maryland Court of Appeals protects a salesperson's right to commissions upon termination Employers Are Liable for All Commissions Earned - Even When the Employee Leaves the Company In two recent deci

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  • Workers Compensation in Maryland

    Workers Comp for Firefighters In the recent case of Montgomery County v. Austin A. Perone, the Court of Special Appeals ruled that a firefighter's claim for Workers' Compensation benefits arising fro

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