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Roofer Exonerated in Construction Defect Trial

Case Conclusion Date: 10.28.2009

Practice Area: Lawsuits and disputes

Outcome: Defense Verdict for Roofing Client

Description: After paying $175,000 to a general contractor for extensive renovations to their Potomac, Maryland home, the homeowners experienced leaks and significant mold damage which required the replacement of the roofing system over a large portion of the home. Faced with a sizable lawsuit, the general contractor, Kandel Construction Group, attempted to shift the blame to its roofing subcontractor, represented by Mr. Cleaver and Kramer & Connolly. To combat claims that the roof was improperly installed and did not allow for proper venting, defense counsel launched extensive discovery efforts to uncover evidence that his roofing client acted in accordance with all applicable codes and with the proper standard of care within the insurance industry. At the conclusion of this discovery, the general contractor paid a significant sum to settle with the homeowners and permitted the homeowners to try the case against the roofer alone. Following a three-day trial, the Court entered a verdict in favor of the roofer and found that the general contractor was really to blame for any damage to the home.

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