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Wichelman v. Gerogetown University Hosptial

Practice Area: Medical malpractice

Outcome: Plaintiff's verdict for $10,000,000

Description: The plaintiff was a resident physician. She was part way through her residency in emregency medicine when she noticed a lump in her breast. She visited her physician and expressed a concern about the possiblity of breast cancer. Her physician concluded that she was "too young" to be at risk for breast cancer and did not recommend a biopsy. The plaintiff later developed complaints of bloody discharge from the nipple. Another doctor recommended and performed a biopsy which established a diagnosis of breast cancer. At the time the case was tried, the plaintiff had been diagnosed with metatstatic breast cancer and had been told that she faced a much diminished life expectancy. After the verdict, the Trial Judge granted a new trial at the request of the defendant. Thereafter, the case was resolved on confidential terms.

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