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Kathleen H Meredith

About Kathleen Meredith

About me

I started practice over 30 years ago with a big law firm defending medical neligence cases.  I rose through the ranks to the point where I was vice chair of my large law firm.  When a close family member experienced a devestating injury as a result of a medical error, I decided to "cross the street" and prosecute a medical malpractice claim.  The experience was a good one.  The recovery I achieved for my loved one was such that it  will enable her to live independently for the rest of her life.  This experience convinced me that I should leave the big law firm and set up a small "boutique" practice where I could concentrate on handling these kinds of claims.  I took this step in 1995.  In the years since 1995, I have been honored by the opportunity to help many individuals injured by medical mistakes.

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