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Scott R. Scherr

Scott Scherr’s Legal Guides

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  • Useful Legal Websites That You May Not Know About

    The internet provides an abundance of information in all aspects of our lives. Here are 10 websites that may be helpful to you if you have a legal problem. Maryland Judiciary Case Search Do you want t

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  • Get Your Record Expunged to Protect Your Job Prospects and Important Changes to the Law

    Many people face criminal and serious traffic charges and are relieved when their cases are finally over. However, the fact that charges were filed still will come up in background checks and on publ

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  • Motor Vehicle Insurance and How It Works

    There are many different types of motor vehicle insurance, but few people check their policies until after an accident has already occurred. The time to check your policy is now so that you can make

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  • There is a Warrant Out for My Arrest - What Do I Do?

    When you learn that there is a warrant out for your arrest, there is a tendency to want to ignore and hope it will go away. Unfortunately, it will not. The police may come to your home to arrest you

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  • Do's and Don't's If You Have Been Charged With a Crime

    People panic when they have been charged with a crime. They think they can explain to their innocence to the police. They procrastinate and do not think about the consequences of the charges until i

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  • Ten Tips On What to Do If You Are In a Car Accident

    There are several things that you should do if you are in a car accident to insure that your legal rights are protected. Obtain All Information From the Other Driver You need to be sure to obtain the

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  • Maryland Workers' Compensation Benefits

    If you have been injured on the job in Maryland, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. You must file an Employee's Claim form with the Workers' Compensation Commission for your benefits

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  • Things You Need to Know About the MVA and Protecting Your Driver’s License

    In Maryland, the Motor Vehicle Administration utilizes a point system that not only affect your insurance premiums, but can affect the validity of your driver’s license. The MVA can suspend your lice

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