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Jonathan Neal Portner

About Jonathan Portner

About me

Mr. Portner is a member of the National Top 100 Trial Lawyers.  Time Magazine in fact, recently recognized his achievements.  Mr. Portner has been an attorney licensed to practice in Maryland and Washington, D.C. since 1988. He represents clients in matters of personal injury, including motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, workers' compensation, and criminal defense.  Recently, he was recognized by Time Magazine as well as the National Top 100 Trial Lawyers Association. 

As a young attorney, Mr. Portner served as a litigator for one of Baltimore's largest law firms. While there he obtained large automobile accident awards, and worked to obtain a million dollar verdict in a personal injury case from a District of Columbia jury. Shortly after working on his first million dollar case, Mr. Portner left to form the firm of Portner & Shure.

He currently supervises the personal injury and litigation departments of the law firm.  As a result of his vast litigation experience, Mr. Portner does not want others to view Portner & Shure, P.A. as a personal injury firm that just settles cases.  Portner & Shure, because of this mentality, litigates automobile accident, workers' compensation, or medical malpractice cases, every week of the year. Insurance companies know the firms that don't back down.

Mr. Portner has tried and won hundreds of cases against some of the top insurance defense attorneys and prosecutors in both State and Federal Courts.  In each of the last five (5) years he has recovered approximately ten million dollars for his clients, and over fifty million in the last six (6) years.  Recently, he along with attorney, Kevin Ruby obtained awards of one million dollars in three (3) different cases.  It is a fact that most injury attorneys do not obtain a single million dollar award during the course of their careers. As a result of these large injury awards, the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, an organization that recognizes the top trial lawyers in America, announced that Jonathan Portner is a certified member. This organization comprises the most prestigious group of trial lawyers in the United States, and fewer than 1% of U.S. lawyers are eligible to become members.

Mr. Portner has dedicated a considerable amount of firm resources to help non-english speaking clients stand up to insurance companies.  The firm provides the highest level of experience to Hispanic, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese accident victims within the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area.  The firm has a staff of over twenty multi-lingual paralegals and a bilingual Chinese/English speaking attorney who work closely with clients.  As a result, no longer are many foreign speaking accident victims frustrated in dealing with insurance companies after an automobile accident.

Mr. Portner dedicates considerable time to all of his endeavors but believes each personal injury or criminal case should be treated as if it's the only case of the firm. He has obtained over $150 million in recoveries because of his attention to detail, and insistence that his staff have constant communication with each client.

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