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Margaret Hackett Oliver

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  • Experience with Margaret Oliver as a BIA attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by Robert Watson

    I requested that the court appoint a Best Interest Attorney for my 14 year old son. He requested that I get him an attorney and he wanted to share his opinions with that attorney as he feared his mother's reaction. I paid half the retainer for Margaret and immediately she made it clear that although legally a 14 year old had a voice, she didn't believe it carried any weight. She told me that his concerns about the environment in his mother's home is not something she will be paying attention to or trying to resolve. I began to question her motives and confronted her with my suspicions. I asked that my son meet incha,bers with a judge and she became somewhat angry and loudly declared that "I will not allow it". I was slightly surprised to hear that an attorney had the power to give judge's orders so when we reconvened with the judge present he made painfully clear to Mrs Oliver that he could, would, and has many times listened to the concerns of children. He went further and contradicted her statement that no one else could have any conversation with my son and that only she could speak for him or hear his wishes and that I would never be allowed to know what those wishes were. It was very clear that the judge had done a fantastic job of trying to find common ground and to bring us together and Margaret was concerned with ensuring that we fought and she hight encouraged prolonged litigation. I have known and worked with an incredible number of attorneys in family law and I can tell you honestly that I have never encountered one who seemed to have such a poor grasp of her duties and who was so openly and blatantly egotistical and grasping for power and control.

    Hired attorney
  • Great Divorce Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Todd

    Meg represented me through the separation and divorce. She was always responsive during the entire process and was a true advocate and represented my best interest. I'm happy with the end result and although divorce is never easy, I am glad that I had Meg on my team and would definitely recommend her.

    Hired attorney
  • An Excellent, Knowledgeable, Compassionate Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dr. Evelyn

    I found Meg through an internet search and reviews that had been written about her by both her clients and professional colleagues. I booked an appointment for an initial consultation. She was very attentive, emphathic and allowed me to vent my pent up anger. I had just discovered my husband was having an affair with a lady I trusted, opened up my home to and had mentored for 7 years. Right from the beginning, she showed me the different options. I felt her genuiness that this is an attorney who is not out to make money out of you. But her main concern is to reach a resolution together.
    She handled my case with such excellence and made me feel as if I am her only client. She was always available, answered phone calls and emails promptly. At a point I felt like she is the big sister that I never had. She even offered me advice as to how to keep my sanity throughout the divorce proceedings. Through her help I found a PI who will produce the evidence that I need to proof adultery in court. I have been married for 30 years and my husband have had several affairs but have been very elusive and you could not pin him to anything. But guess what with Meg as my attorney, we finally did it.
    She put together a Separation Agreement that gave me and our children every single thing that I wanted from the divorce. I was not going to loose both ways. The morning of our court hearing, she turned to me and asked "Are you OK" I answered "Yes" and then she said "Then I will stop worrying about you, you know its a mixed feeling" I felt like I have family supporting me at one of the most difficult period, in my life. My three children felt the same way.
    Friend, if you are looking for an attorney who will make your divorce fun and not a pain, I highly recommend Attorney Oliver-excellent, articulate, knowledgeable, empathic and an advocate for your course whiles ensuring fairness for all parties involved.

    Hired attorney
  • Visitation Resolution

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sam

    Meg was great at handling everything regarding our visitation matter. She listened to my concerns with empathy and helped to make sense of what I was asking for. She was also able to help me understand what the realistic outcomes may be, and helped navigate me through the process of collaboration and compromise with the other party. Meg was always readily available, not only to answer questions, but for further clarification throughout the process to ensure that my voice was heard. In short, she helped to put my mind at ease, through what could have been a difficult and trying process. I came to Meg through a recommendation from a friend on that basis that resolution, regarding any matter, was her primary focus. I can without a doubt say that Meg stayed true to her word, and did so with efficacy, compassion, and in a timely manner. Thank you!

  • Light at the end of a dark tunnel

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dionne

    Mrs. Oliver was recommended to me by a friend who went through a divorce. She was described as the "best divorce and family attorney, she nice but will FIGHT for you".

    The day I went for my consultation I was afraid, nervous, tearful and anxious. From the moment I met Meg, through the entire process, she was compassionate, thoughtful, honest, fair, and made me feel like my kids and I were her only clients.

    Meg was also fair with respect to pricing for her services. She discussed the most economical way to proceed with my case and was honest about potential future cost associated with various options.

    She made a very difficult divorce into one that was successfully and amicably setteled out of court with my kids and I receiving everything we deserved. What I love most is her ability to work together with the opponent fairly and with the most pleasant demeanor, but she knows how to be "aggressive" when warrented, but all with respect. She has a superior knowledge of the law and is very savvy and creative in designing parenting plans, child support structures, and property divisions that meet your needs and are legally sound.

    I pray that I never have to experience divorce again, but if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, Meg will empower you, walk you through this process, and make you feel confident that life goes on! Because of her I can now smile again.

    Thank you Meg!

  • Responsive, intelligent and caring divorce attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    Brief description of your legal issue:
    I highly recommend Meg Oliver to anyone who is facing divorce and wants someone who can listen and respond with reason and caring. Her advice is second to none, and yet she is responsive to your requests while outlining possible outcomes. She was more than helpful in designing a separation agreement for me and my spouse that the court accepted as terms for our final divorce agreement. She is fair and certainly an advocate for your rights. In my opinion, Meg is the right choice to guide you through the process, even an amicable one. With deep appreciation.
    Rev. Steve (a divorce consultation client)

  • You Definitely Get your Money's Worth with Meg Oliver. Here's why...

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I found Meg by searching for an attorney on Avvo to help me handle my separation, divorce and child custody issues. I am so glad I chose her for an attorney. She made the whole process easy, fast and painless.

    Initially when I first met with her for a consultation I was emotional, had so many thoughts and worries, and I came at her with a lot of information and many questions. I was hoping that she would promise me that she would get me everything I wanted. Instead, she gave me a reality check which I am now thankful for. She explained what was realistically possible, and what would be challenging. She gave me various options on how we could approach the issues in my divorce, and I’m glad that she was honest with me and was not just after the business. She wanted to make sure I did what brought me peace of mind. Meg asks questions like, ‘What do you really want to achieve?’, and ‘What’s most important to you?’ and ‘What do you want to get out of this divorce?’ So she helped me refocus my efforts and take a less painful path which I believe ended up being the best thing for me and my family. Meg helped me think rationally and logically, always explaining that I should be reasonable in my demands, considering what is realistic and fair to me, my ex, and my kids.

    If I had gone to a different attorney, my divorce may have dragged on for a long time, costing me thousands of dollars in attorney fees and years of pain and frustration culminating in a bad divorce. Instead, the separation agreement and divorce was all completed in 1 year, and the divorce was relatively painless.

    For everyone reading this, you should remember that after you sign a contract, just like with other attorneys, every minute you take out of Meg’s day will be billed, including emails, calls etc. That said, you definitely get your money’s worth with her. She achieves results quickly and does not drag things on, which at the end probably saves you money. She is professional, friendly, honest, always responsive, reliable, efficient, and possesses a wealth of information.

    Going to court with Meg was a good experience as well. Aside from the fact that she was so well prepared, I could see that she was respected by her peers and everybody working there knew her. It was a good feeling walking into court with a superstar!

    I will definitely go back to Meg for all my legal needs, and will definitely recommend her.

  • The Epitome of Excellence!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Greg

    Meg Oliver is a true professional in every sense of the word! Unfortunately, my divorce dragged a bit. But Meg kept me focused on the task and we got through it together. I always felt comfortable with Meg, and she made me feel as if I was her only client. She was responsive to my never-ending and long-winded list of questions, and she has the patience of a saint. I highly recommend Meg Oliver as someone who represents both ethics and integrity for the process, and is both caring and sensitive to the needs of her clients. A top-notch attorney, and a wonderful person, Meg Oliver is everything you'd want in someone to represent your best interests.

  • Meg Wins!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kate

    If you’re wondering where the humanity is while flailing through divorce, it’s in Meg Oliver’s office.
    After spending nine months and significant funds making slow progress with a previous lawyer, it became a game changer once Meg was on board.

    We found her to be incredibly knowledgeable, efficient and a real advocate (she seriously cares); head and shoulders above anyone else we interviewed or hired.

    Patient and compassionate, she listened intently to our ideas and concerns then answered questions. We worked out a plan and she dove in to make things happen -- FAST. She held the line and was tough when appropriate with opposing counsel.

    An incredible communicator, she cut through shenanigans (and there was a lot of it -- emotional and financial) effectively moving us through the process mindful to keep costs down to an absolute minimum expertly balancing "expense VS return."

    Always up on the details of our case as well as quickly returning calls and emails, there was way less stress! We felt extremely lucky to have Meg on our side and recommend her services wholeheartedly.

  • Meg Oliver The Best of the Best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by MB

    Meg has been my lawyer for several years. Originally she was my lawyer when she was with a big firm. When she left the firm to start her own private practice I had no doubt that I would follow her and continue to have her as my lawyer. She without fail has been responsive to any and all questions. She was very respectful of my personal financial situation and allowed me to follow a payment plan when it appeared that, after I had paid several retainers, the case was going to take more court time than ever expected. Meg does her best to try to mediate a situation and avoid endless stressful court hearings. In my situation, my ex decided to represent himself and he is quite verbose. Meg managed to limit the amount of time he spent communicating with her as it could have potential to raise my bill but not his. Meg is compassionate and patient, especially during times when I felt like giving up. Thanks to her perseverance and expertise, knowledge of the court system, I am now receiving much long awaited child support. As a single parent, this is life changing for me. I have had other lawyers who failed miserably yet I still had to pay them. Meg is the Best of the Best!