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Jayson A Soobitsky

Jayson Soobitsky’s Answers

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  • After how many days we will a get a court date once citation issued?

    we received a citation on may 11th.when will we get a court date?

    Jayson’s Answer

    In Maryland you must request a court date. You must complete the bottom half of the ticket by checking the "trial" box and return it to the address listed within 30 days of receipt of the ticket. The court date will be mailed to the address on your drivers license.

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  • How do I file for child support modification after I've been fired?

    I was just fired today and I don't know if I will be eligible for unemployment... I am assuming that I will not be eligible. I live in Maryland, but my child lives with her mother in NY. My payments have been coming out of my check automatically ...

    Jayson’s Answer

    Why were you fired? If you were fired "for cause" you may not be entitled to a child support reduction. If you were fired due to no fault of your own you may be entitled to child support modification and you should immediately file a Motion for Modification of Child Support with the Court. Contacting the Office of Child Support Enforcement and advising them that you lost your job is not sufficient. You must actually file a Motion for Modification of Child Support with the court. You may obtain forms online or from the Clerks Office of the Circuit Court in the county where the support order was entered. There is a small filing fee to file this Motion and you are required to serve a copy of the Motion on the other side, including the Office of Child Support Enforcement if the payments are being made through them. Although it will take several months to get a hearing on your Motion, the Court has retroactive authority to modify child support back to the date of the filing of the Motion.

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