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Charles J. Ware

Charles Ware’s reviews

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  • The Best of the Best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Allison

    Mr. Ware has been an excellent, thorough, honest and trustworthy lawyer. He and his staff have put forth their best efforts to help me through several cases, keeping my best interests in mind. Mr. Ware has taken the time to get to know me as a person, a true stand-up gentleman. He is always available to speak with me regarding my legal questions via email or phone, providing comprehensive answers and thought provoking questions. It is always a pleasure to work with Mr. Ware!

  • Extraordinary Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephanie

    Upon my first meeting with Mr. Ware I knew I was in expert hands. Mr. Ware is an incredibly seasoned, savvy, competent and very intelligent attorney. I actually find it amazing that during all of his years in the ever increasingly tough legal field that he hasn't lost his humanity and kindness. He is a first-class gentleman. Mr. Ware will care about and work tirelessly on your case as he did mine. He really got to know me and he was always available by phone or email incase I had even the smallest of questions. Mr. Ware is present and aware during meetings and asks thought provoking questions as well as experienced insight in order to best serve you and what you are trying to achieve. I am blessed and lucky to have found him. I most strongly recommend Mr. Ware if you are in need of an extraordinary attorney.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kimara Monroe

    I have had the pleasure of working with and for Mr. Charles Ware. He did a great job in getting me the money I deserved in my car accident case. Mr. Ware was/is always available to speak with me -- I was never passed down to someone else! He is aggressive and tenacious when he needs to be. I cannot say enough about him as an attorney and a gentleman! Thank you Mr. Ware!!

  • Best Maryland Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Q. Johnson

    Charles J Ware has went over and beyond for my legal case. He has provided nothing but excellent service for me and my family. I am beyond pleased.

  • Attorney Charles Jerome Ware-The Embodiment of: Competency, Professionalism, Honesty, Authenticity and Sensitivity

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dr. BACM

    As a novice, I was thrust into the roles of power of attorney for finance, power of attorney for health care and the personal representative for my dearly beloved and physically challenged friend of 53 years. Being very apprehensive and feeling overwhelmed regarding my new unsolicited responsibilities and not certain of how to begin, I contacted Mr. Ware.

    His competency and in depth knowledge of the law enabled me to understand my required responsibilities, as legally mandated by the state of Maryland. His professionalism provided me with insight that not only allayed my anxieties but helped me to comprehend what was required of me in implementing the various documents.

    His honesty was manifested in the fact he never permitted the value of the estate to be mentioned only the designation(s) of what each person was to receive, as recorded in the will.

    His authenticity prevailed by reassuring me that any further questions, concerns or information needed--I/we should not hesitate to contact him for advice and guidance and there would be no additional fees. (However, we understood if there were other problems requiring his legal expertise fees would be assess accordingly.)

    His sensitivity toward my physically challenged friend was heart warming. Mr. Ware never assumed anything with or about her and would not move on to another topic unless he was absolutely convinced she understood what was happening and she was satisfied with the decisions being made. On two occasions, when it was raining, Mr. Ware walked my friend to the car with an umbrella so she would not get wet. She was thrilled at his loving attention.

    The list could go on but suffice to say, beyond a shadow of doubt, Mr. Charles J. Ware would be my attorney as often as he would accept me as a client.

  • Outstanding

    5.0 stars

    Posted by TeJuana Mendoza

    I met Charles J. Ware in 1997. Years earlier, when I did listen to the Morgan State University radio station on Saturday mornings, Mr. Ware had a spot in the station’s programming. During those programs, Mr. Ware provided legal advice to callers on the air. What impressed me most was meeting many of his clients in passing and the confident and positive way his clients praise his work ethic. In the years I spent traveling throughout the United States, on occasion I had to hire an Attorney of Law. It is very disappointing to trust hired counsel only to learn on some occasions the attorney is making deals without my knowledge. Charles J. Ware is a Counsel of integrity; whatever, the situation positive or negative, Attorney Ware will level with his clients. He has also referred me to other attorneys when the problem was outside his field of expertise. I am content with the services the recommended attorneys did provide. In summary, I highly recommend Attorney Charles J. Ware. I trust him with my life.

  • Not Just Any Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dr P

    Mr. Ware came highly recommemded and was hired to represent our teenager in a crimainal matter where there was aggressive over charging by law enforcement. The charges would have resulted in multiple felonies had it not been for Mr Ware's exstensive knowledge of the law and an amazing ability to tease out the facts. Mr. Ware was successful in getting the aggresive charges reduced to a misdemenanor. What could have been years of jail time resulted in a fine. We are so thankful Mr. Ware was recommended to us!!!!

  • He's Always Won My Cases. A Brilliant, Competent, Detail Oriented Attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Samuel

    Mr. Ware is the epitome of the word "Professional".
    He is meticulous and thorough, and his depth and breadth of
    knowledge as an Attorney are in a word, "Tremendous".
    Having his representation, and being privileged to have his Legal counsel,
    gave me confidence that I knew I would not lose my cases.
    I can say with all sincerity and conviction, that Charles Ware and his Associates,
    are the best prepared and most competent Attorneys, who have
    ever represented me.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maxine

    A Former Judge who is a caring Legal Genius!!!!

    Beises being a very tenancious, trustworthy and caring attorney, Charles Ware is a frmery collge administtrator, federal prosecutor, federal administrative lawr and immigration judge (IJ). He is truly the "best of the best". He has helped and continues to help me with a plethora of business and commercial legal transactions. His breath of legal knowledge is extremly impressive. His of caring for his clients is outstanding.

  • Brillant and Very Honest

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eva

    I have known Attorney Charles Ware for over last six months; it is my privilege to recommend him, as an excellent lawyer. During this time, he has been a productive contributor to my case. He has superior research skills which I have benefitted from immensely as well as excellent analytical skills. He is able to process information quickly and formulate an effective strategy for my case. Mr. Charles ware is very personable and easily gains my trust as a client. His works and expertise exceed all my expectations. Seldom have I been able to make such an enthusiastic recommendation regarding a Lawyer. I have no hesitation in recommending Attorney Charles Ware as one of the best for anyone seeking to hire a Lawyer.