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Jonathan L Katz

About Jonathan Katz

About me

Jon Katz spends nearly his entire time defending criminal defense and DWI clients, fighting for the best possible results for his clients, and repeatedly going to trial when needed. He has defended over 3000 clients in criminal court since 1991, and has taken hundreds of cases to trial. Many of Jon's trial highlights are at

Criminal defense is war, requiring being armed to the teeth, and escalating the proverbial fighting from checking before hurting, hurting before maiming, and maiming before destroying. Criminal defense is also about martial arts, using fearless cunning and strategy over brute force, and drawing from my daily martial arts practice. The stakes are often high, and the battle should be treated as a one-chance-only affair. 

My staff and I will be delighted to arrange a time for you to meet with me if you seek a criminal defense or DWI lawyer. 

More about my law practice  and experience is at and at my blog at

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