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Lory D Rosenberg

About Lory Rosenberg

About me

IDEAS Consultation and Coaching LLC (founded in 2005 as Immigration Defense and Expert Advocacy Solutions to promote fair and just immigration advocacy) provides dedicated lawyers and leaders with comprehensive legal analysis, strategy, expert opinion, and collaboration, so they can successfully obtain visa approvals, defend against removal, achieve policy reforms, and win appeals for their clients despite complex and challenging circumstances. 

In my legal consultancy, I share my immigration law expertise and experience as a practitioner, litigator, and former appellate judge, together with bold strategy setting, insightful thinking and decisive writing, to mentor attorney clients and support their performance and persuasiveness as successful advocates for their own clients and causes.  I provide briefing, training, back-up and co-counseling in complex cases, and may accept individual client appeals from time to time. 

As a coach certified in the Money Breakthrough Method and Money, Marketing and Soul (TM) programs, I introduced an IDEAcoaching resource, PositiveEnergyPathways, where I specialize in empowering lawyers and entrepreneurs so they can breakthrough limiting beliefs and money challenges to embrace their self-worth, leverage their expertise, define their niche, charge what they’re worth, market their gifts, and create true prosperity. 

Lawyers: Imagine the possibilities if you could easily set a clear intention, brilliantly brand yourself, connect with new clients and collaborations, and transform your business, career or life's work into an amazingly lucrative source of love and service for the world.  

If you're ready to reframe your business, improve your financial picture, or increase your confidence and leadership doing fantastic work that calls to you; if you've been avoiding your relationship with money, or didn't know you had one; or if it's time for you to make a meaningful shift in your life's work, contact me! IDEAS Breakthrough Success coaching with me in a PositiveEnergy Pathways program will put you on the road to rich and rewarding results.         (website soon being relocated/renamed).

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