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Susan Rubin’s reviews

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  • Susan Rubin showed me that our legal system can actually work and gave me an opportunity to live. Thank you.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ali

    I had two other lawyers prior to hiring Susan, spending lot of money with terrible results. My ex-wife had hired an unprofessional attorney who lives on dragging cases and milking his clients until he was finished taking every bit of their money. He did this by filing false allegations and giving them bad advise which not only resulted in a loss to them rather than a win but still took lot of time/resources from opposing counsel and legal system.
    The first time I saw Susan, she was passionately defending another client while I was completely hopeless from our legal system, waiting at the court house for my case to be called . A few months later, frustrated with my lawyers, I asked a court clerk, if she knew a good lawyer who can represent me. She gave me Susan's name on a piece of paper with her contact information. When I met her, I immediately remembered her from the trial earlier that year.
    By the time I met Susan, I was 3 years into a vengeful divorce proceedings, 4 months past a divorce decree where the Judge had made me pay $8500/month for mortgage, alimony, child support, etc, plus $100K in cash and much more. This was utterly unfounded as it was leaving me with $700/month to live on with 50% custody of my child and no house, car or anything else. I actually do respect that particular judge and that he later as a result of Susan's representation realized some of his errors but honestly what he needed was a calculator and a good look at the underlying facts.
    Susan reviewed my case and agreed to take upon my case as she was as upset that the system had failed me as I was. In little over a year, she was able to vacate judgments, reduce the Alimony to $1500/month only, etc, . Although her rate was $50/hour more than my other lawyers, it was worth every penny of it and lower than other lawyers with her years of experience. Those two
    previous lawyers took my money and ended up telling me "sorry we did our best and that I should just pay ex wife and move on with my life. How could I move on with my life when I had to actually borrow money in addition to my salary.
    Going forward Susan did not lose a single argument. This is because she refuses to put forward an argument that is either erroneous, frivolous or has no chance of being considered by the court and end up taking resources from legal system and/or waste the resources of her client,
    unlike the opposing attorney who continuously put forward frivolous petitions that he kept losing. Even when the opposing attorney was upset of losing to her every time and tried to attack Susan's integrity, Susan ignored him and focused only in bringing a closure to the case and save me from further borrowing money to defend these false allegations. She was very efficient and considerate. She will not work for free but she won't overcharge or drag the case either.

    Susan was able to vacate all judgments against me, won 2 appeals and got the court to revisit the alimony (all within little over a year) and yet charged me less than the other two lawyers. After 4 years of litigation, my ex-wife realized what was happening as a result of her lawyer, got advise from another lawyer and we came to a healthy settlement that benefited both of us and our children with even a better financial benefit for her without spending any more money. Susan was instrumental in helping me do this.

    Susan showed me that our legal system actually works but one needs to have an honest lawyer, ike Susan and not the crocks or the ignorant attorneys who abuse the legal system simply to make money. I also realized that Susan is highly respected within the court house just for the very same reason. If you are looking for a lawyer who will
    first try to settle with you and your partner and save the money for yourself and your kids, but who if it doesn't work will give you the best advise and fairly represent you. hire Susan. I owe her everything I have. Thanks.

  • She cares deeply about you and your rights, and she is never after your money.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ramez

    I came to this web site to post a positive review of Susan J Rubin, and I saw the earlier post titled "ARGH!" by a frustrated lady client who suggested that Ms. Rubin took too long to settle her case. I want to point out that divorce cases are never simple and the parties often overlook important pieces of the puzzle and/or simply get frustrated with the way that the system itself runs, which is why a lawyer is needed. If this lady felt that Susan Rubin took too long or worked too slowly, my guess is that she would have felt the same with any other lawyer. In fact Ms. Rubin is completely focused on her cases and is one of the most competent professionals -- certainly one of the top two lawyers -- I have ever dealt with. Divorce is a slow, frustrating and very expensive process, and that is because of the court system itself. In the end what matters most is the outcome. If you ended up with a good deal, then your lawyer did a good job and that seems to be the case even with the "ARGH!" lady. Remember that the other party (your ex) is also responsible for making things difficult for you.

    As for my own experience with Susan, I must say that I am thankful for having met her and retained her. I have never found her to be rude, although her tough personality can be interpreted that way. In fact she is a very sensitive person who listens to her client's needs, responds with compassion, and understands the pain you are going through. She was always there for me and was willing to see me after hours and on weekends when I was otherwise unable to get into her office. She was respectful to court personnel and she was respected by them, but, that in no way stopped her from aggressively representing me when needed, and, that's exactly the type of lawyer you need for your divorce/custody case. You also need your lawyer to know how to be a pit-bull when necessary, and Susan is very good at doing that. But this professional attitude is not to be confused with rudeness. It's just good practice in a divorce case. At various times in my very complicated divorce, I retained four different lawyers, but ultimately I only kept two of them and I did so because they could be pit-bulls for my cause when they needed to be, were always fully prepared to present my case to the Court, and were successful in ultimately obtaining a just result by continuing to believe in me and fight for me no matter what obstacles were put in their way. Susan is one of those two.

    While certainly every lawyer can infuriate a judge from time to time when they disagree about a case, in my case Susan never did so. Indeed, even when Ms. Rubin and a Judge disagreed about something in my case, I never saw anything but respect on both sides of that issue for one another.

    I've retained Susan Rubin in several instances and in various cases (all related to my divorce), and I've recommended her to friends also. I would recommend her to anyone who needs representation in a divorce case.

    I have seen MANY lawyers who won't move a finger before they see the money. Susan is not one of them. She often completed her work on my case before even billing me and before seeing one dollar from me. In the world of lawyers, such a find is considered a gem. Her last bill to me is from 11 months ago, and I still have only paid her two thirds of it. I pay as I can, and she NEVER EVEN ONCE pressed me to pay her the balance. Of course, I've already paid off her earlier five or six bills in the past four years, which means that she trusts me and knows I won't take advantage of her (yes, many people do take advantage of their lawyer's patience or generosity) but even with this trust in place some lawyers still won't do anything for you until their last bill is paid in full regardless of whether you have the money to pay it.

    I gained high respect for Ms. Rubin, and as her client I felt that my best interests were always important to her.

  • ARGH!

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Took too long to settle my case last year and infuriated the judge so many times I thought my tongue would fall out of my mouth. What should have been worked quickly took weeks to months because this attorney insisted the entire process take more time than it should have. This made me miss work many days to attend court. My ex and I considered ending the process and doing it on our own but it was too far into it by that point. His attorney was livid at the whole prolonged process. Ms. Rubin changed her mind many times also which just cost me more money. By the time I was far into it it would be a waste of money to leave. She was also rude to her staff when I was in the office. My ex and I ended up going through the process and wasted a lot of money for what I feel was a lawyer taking too much time and too much of my money. In the end I got an ok settlement but I feel I could have reached this settlement months earlier using another attorney or a mediator.