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Takes Two to Tango

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Guilty to a second degree sex offense.

Description: Judge said he did not find Chacon-Bonilla to be a sexual "predator," as prosecutors had argued. He also said he thought it was unlikely that Chacon-Bonilla would repeat his offense. "Her culpability is obvious," Nitkin said. "It's hard for me, as a woman, to say that an 11-year-old child is culpable. . . . But it did take two to tango in this circumstance, and [Thompson] had the guts to say it." Katherine Shaver; Craig . "Officials, Activists Deplore Remark by Montgomery Judge; 'Takes Two to Tango' Called Ill-Advised." The Washington Post. Washington Post Newsweek Interactive Co. 2000. HighBeam Research. 3 Aug. 2009 <>.

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