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  • Do I need a lawyer for a first time marijuana possession charge?

    I was riding in a car with someone and they ran a red light. When the officers came to search the car, I was found with marijuana. I was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. It is my first offense, I have no other ...

    Michael’s Answer

    The Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office uses these sessions to expose people with minor paraphernalia, possession of CDS and possession of alcohol charges to the idea of going to IPSA [intervention program for substance abuse] or the County-run ACS program so that trial dates are not glutted with people signing up on the trial date. There will be no judge in court or even available if it's on a Wednesday.

    Attorneys can attend, and may be useful if there is any doubt about whether client qualifies for programs being offered. If client wants IPSA or ACS, they can sign paperwork and then go to court later for the stet or nol-pros that goes with the deal. 6 months stet on paraphernalia cases is standard. Nolle if successful, expunge later.

    As you describe it, however, it is doubtful that you should have been arrested in the first place. Whether you want to complete a program for an arrest that may have been illegal is one of the questions that only you can answer.

    Please call me if you need more help.


    Mike Rothman

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