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Michael S Rothman

About Michael Rothman

About me

My name is Mike Rothman. I am a trial attorney located in Rockville, Maryland.  I am licensed to practice law in Maryland and the District of Columbia, both in state and federal courts.  As you can see from my listed areas of practice above, I spend a majority of my time in matters involving criminal defense (such as crimes involving drugs, traffic offenses involving impairment or intoxication, violent crimes, etc.) and white collar crimes (which can include matters such as cybercrime, internet related crime, computer related crime, or financial crimes involving connectivity devices).  No matter is too difficult for a proper defense.


Q:    I have just been charged with a crime, and I am looking for a criminal defense attorney to help me.  It is a sensitive matter, I have never had to hire an attorney before.  What is the difference amongst the attorneys I see profiled here?


Choosing the right criminal defense attorney is not hard.  There are many good ones to choose from in the area.  But I encourage you to look at your attorney not just as a legal practitioner, but also as someone who will be working closely with you during very difficult times.  This is where you can truly appreciate the intangible difference between law firms and the attorneys who work there.


I enjoy helping people work through very difficult times.  I enjoy the puzzle of preparing a defense for trial, and I enjoy meeting new and potential clients with problems to solve.  I have a wide range of legal skills I hope to put to good use on your behalf.  As a boutique criminal defense firm, I take pride in my relationships with my clients, as well as my larger role in helping to make the law accessible to those clients who want to learn more.