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Karen N Shapiro

About Karen Shapiro

About me

Karen Shapiro brings a depth of knowledge and experience to guiding clients through complex business decisions. Whether buying or selling businesses, raising capital, negotiating commercial contracts, or addressing employment issues, she is uniquely prepared to advise businesses and help them achieve their objectives. A problem solver by nature, Karen’s approach to serving clients is grounded by her business background including an MBA. She understands that clients need real time advice that makes sense in the business world. 

Placing a premium on service and value, Karen helps clients throughout the full lifecycle of a business: from building new enterprises to managing thriving businesses and transitioning ownership to others when the time is right. She has successfully handled the transition of a multitude of businesses to market buyers, key employees and family members. In addition, Karen is particularly well versed in dealing with business disputes including disputes among business owners and a variety of employment related claims. Her clients view her as an external general counsel and member of their management team.